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If you love a good adrenaline rush, then haunted places can be one of the best adventures for you. Haunted sites can serve as a thrill to give you a boost of excitement. There are many haunted places throughout the world, and visiting them is a way to travel while also having a spooky adventure. Haunted sites are known for mystery and unexplained events that might just send a chill down your spine. While visiting these places, you may even feel a spirit or presence in the midst. Strange occurrences are expected, and even welcomed by most who enjoy these kinds of chilling experiences. If you are ready to plan out your next thrilling adventure, check out these 10 haunted places to visit around the world. 

The Whaley House – San Diego, California 

This site is the first brick building to ever be built in California. But that’s not the reason that people visit this museum. They come for the hauntings that many have said happen at this site. It was built on top of an execution site, and haunted those who lived in it since. It has been voted the most haunted place in the US, twice. 

The Whaley House – San Diego, California  | 10 Haunted Places To Visit Around the World | Zestradar

Alcatraz – San Francisco, California

This old prison is well known for its horror stories. It was created to house the most dangerous criminals in the US, with tales of no prisoner ever escaping alive. While Alcatraz is now a museum of horrors you can visit, guards even said they heard and saw strange things while it was still operational. 

Alcatraz – San Francisco, California | 10 Haunted Places To Visit Around the World | Zestradar

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is so haunted that the entire city deserves to be on the list. This spooky city has a well documented history of being a metropolis of voodoo, witchcraft and magic. Traipsing through haunted cemeteries, taking walking ghost tours, and visiting voodoo practitioners are just a few of the eerily magical activities you can experience in The Big Easy. 

New Orleans, Louisiana | 10 Haunted Places To Visit Around the World | Zestradar

Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires, Argentina 

The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires has a horrific backstory that just might convince you to visit. Rifina Cambaceres was a young girl buried there in 1902, but was later discovered to still be living at her burial. The following day, the lid to her coffin was open, and visitors have claimed to see her roaming the gravesite ever since. 

Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires, Argentina  | 10 Haunted Places To Visit Around the World | Zestradar

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