Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

When it comes to enjoying life and living life on the edge in equal measure, there’s nothing quite like a fine evening of dining that might end you up in the ICU or even a casket. We know some foods can be ridiculously fatal – thankfully often related to the way it’s prepared – yet we can’t resist to eat them over and over again. Most fatal foods have been banned at this point, but there’s a bunch of them that you can still get your hands on relatively easily. Just a quick note: eat the more exotic ones in a restaurant and don’t take the risk of preparing these yourself.


Cassava is a pretty versatile food but it can’t be consumed raw as it contains cyanide. If it’s not prepared properly, the toxins aren’t removed from it so eating it can easily lead to stuff like paralysis and even death.

Green Potatoes

Green potatoes are basically regular potatoes that have been kept in a too light environment or otherwise stored improperly. You can most of the time still eat the potato if you remove the green parts, but better not to risk it, right?


This Icelandic delicacy is basically the cured meat of a shark. The way the food is cured and processed causes it to release huge amounts of ammonia and even leads to it smelling like cleaning product. It does make the meat edible, which it isn’t when its raw. So basically don’t touch it if it doesn’t smell like detergent, which is the exact opposite rule of when you want to drink detergent.

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