Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Although Harry Potter rocked my world for some time, there are a lot of other novels that are worth your time. I’ve made up a list for everyone who does like to read (because with this list, you can hold your own among book nerds) and who doesn’t like to read (because with this list, you can justify why you don’t like to read and hate books). Here you go! 

Ulysses – James Joyce 

Just like Irish isn’t the easiest language to learn, the Irish writer James Joyce isn’t known for his accessible books. But for the purist among us, readers, “Ulysses” is like the golden grail. You know you’ve made it when there are people waging Joyce wars over your book. “Ulysses” is the epitome of a modernist novel. Buckle up because this is one of the most unreadable books there’s ever been. Those who do finish it are often left mind blown and need a moment of contemplation: was it all worth it or not? 

Ulysses – James Joyce | Books to completely blow your mind | Zestradar

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