Is it that time of year already? With 2019 flying past, let’s pause and look at the colours and trends we will be lusting over in 2020. Here’s the story so far… 1. Mindfulness arrives, gently Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Mindfulness is emerging as a clear trend for 2020 where it nestles in perfectly alongside mainstays ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellness’. As with sustainability and wellness, mindfulness in our interiors makes the case for creating our homes as a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, this is very much a look that says “Come in, and I’ll give you shelter from the storm”. Think low furniture, floor cushions, plenty of indoor plants, natural materials and a calming palette of natural tones and whites. Bliss. 2. Soothing tones inspired by nature Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Colours are such a personal thing, but some just ooze calm. Pantone have already called the key colours to trend next year and it’s safe to say we will be swooning over restorative colours taken straight from nature. Earth tones will remain big news for the foreseeable future, as will orange, pink, and various shades of blue and green in both warm and cool hues. Ripe olive green is also being touted as a super-chic option for any space in your home. Keep the look modern and fresh by introducing an unexpected accent colour. We are talking about pairings such as taupe with periwinkle blue, rust and pink or lilac, and mustard with dusty pink. 3. Organic beauty Image via Pinterest Shop similar: It’s going to be all about keeping a strong connection with the natural world via our interiors in 2020, and to this we say: Yes! Natural materials and organic forms are already well and truly entrenched in our interior loving hearts and we can look forward to more of this next year and beyond. Rattan, linen, jute, timber and artisanal décor items that are perfectly imperfect go a long way to giving your space a personal touch. This is a look you can embrace wholeheartedly or via a few strategically placed handmade treasures on a bookshelf. 4. Large scale art and wall murals Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Another trend we will be seeing more of in 2020 is large scale art and wall murals. This is going to make its way into our homes via wallpaper, decals or large scale artworks. Essentially the take-home message is’ go big or go home’. Consider placing your large scale art as a backdrop to your bed or couch and then, voila! This is such a dynamic look that your space will need very little else to make it sing. If you want the look without the commitment, try a hanging wall chart or tapestry. 5. Bring the outside inside with plants Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Are you ready to flex your green thumb? As the design world and, by extension, the rest of us, focus on an ever-stronger connection to nature, too many plants are never enough. While the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Monstera are still a welcome, glossy leafed addition to any indoor plant collection, new ‘it’ plants to look at include cacti, olive trees, long leaf figs and the cast iron plant which, despite its intimidating name, actually looks more like a peace lily. If you are worried your gardening chops are not up to the job of maintaining all those plants, artificial varieties have come a long way and are virtually indistinguishable from their real counterparts. 6. But also, take the inside outside with an outdoor room Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Have you noticed something of a common thread woven through all the predicted trends for 2020? Yep, keeping it close to nature is the theme that informs nearly every key trend we will be coveting next year. The great news about an outdoor room is that it basically extends your home and gives you even more room to move and groove. If you don’t have the room or budget for a full-scale transformation, some outdoor cushions on the back porch or a small bistro table and chairs on the balcony can be enough to make the most of what you have. Add some gorgeous fairy lights for an on-trend boho-eclectic touch and you are well on your way to outdoor room glory. 7. Keep it playful Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Play isn’t just for kids! Expect to see playful design elements popping up all over your Pinterest board in the coming year. A few fun design surprises add joy and warmth to your home, especially if you have a young family. What does this look like? Pops of colour, artwork referencing pop culture and playful design decor are all ways to embrace the spirit of play in your home. In the immortal words of Doctor Seuss, “These things are fun and fun is good”. 8. Keep it cool and comfortable Image via Pinterest Shop similar: A movement towards cool but comfortable spaces is underway in New York. And you know if it’s happening in the coolest city in the world, you can be sure it is a look we will be picking up in 2020. We are thinking living rooms that may not be camera-ready, but are most definitely Netflix-and-lounge-ready. But never fear, we are not going to abandon all our style for comfort - this is definitely a case of “can do both”. This is about keeping it cool – but not so cool that we can’t relax. Bring on oversized sofas, cushions, throws, ottomans and anything else that you need to get cosy. You know if it’s already big in New York….. 9. Minimal, but personal Image via Pinterest Shop similar: Could the rise of “Personal Minimalism” be the influence of Marie Kondo at work? Quite possibly. Design experts and trend-spotters have been talking about the intersection of these two seemingly counter-intuitive ideas for a little while now, but it seems that this is a design idea whose time has come. This is a look that hits the sweet spot of not-enough and not-too-much. In other words, right smack bang in the middle of minimalism and maximalism. In real life, this looks like the pared-back minimalist room we have come to know and love, accessorised with décor items that are meaningful for us. It’s all about curating with intention – knowing what to add in, and what to leave out. 10. Boho-chic with an eclectic feel Images via Pinterest Shop similar: Last but by no means least, allow us to present boho-chic. This is a style that has well and truly surpassed its status as ‘trend’ and is now verging on the iconic. And yet, this is a look that is being cited by people who know about these things as a key trend to watch in 2020. It all ties into the idea of your home as a place that is personal and comfortable, without sacrificing style. There are so many manifestations of this look, it is really up to you if you decide to pursue it with a minimalist or maximalist bent. So as with any other trend we’ve explored, you do you. The Ultimate Trend of 2020 Some trends are set to be so major that they surpass all others. These are trends that work harmoniously with all other trend predictions for the year ahead whilst also being the predominant and without doubt the ultimate trend of the year! For 2020 the hottest trend is all things glass lighting! From retro shaped mid-century statement lights with stunning glass features to boho-chic chandeliers, it is all about glass. Glass lighting is fabulous due to its ability to be incorporated into so many different interior aesthetics due to its multi-faceted design flexibility. Whether it is sleek frosted glass scandi style lamps that emit a gentle hygge glow or the perfect trio of Hamptons look glass pendants for above a kitchen island, there’s isn’t an interior trend that glass lighting can’t heard it here first!! All images sourced via Pinterest

Created on December 3rd, 2018

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